Parachuting Procedures

Parachuting takes place regularly at Fife Airport, operationally permitting, from Friday through to Sunday and ocassional mid-week days as required by the skydiving company at the airport, Skydive St Andrews.

Parachuting is NOTAMed as being active between:

  • Saturdays: 0900-2100
  • Sundays: 0900-2030
  • Bank holidays: 0900-2030

All times are local. Parachuting operations outside of these times will be notified by NOTAM and on request for PPR.

Parachuting aircraft and drop zone controllers will use the
airfield’s frequency, 130.450 MHz, for all communications.

Fife Airport has 3 operational statuses for skydiving.

  • COLD – there is no parachuting operations.
  • ACTIVE – skydiving operations are active, though no drop is currently in progress.
  • LIVE – a jump is currently in progress.

During ACTIVE status

All aircraft should contact Fife Radio on 130.450 Mhz before starting engines to ensure skydiving is not taking place or about to take place.

During LIVE status

No aircraft will be allowed to manoeuvre on the airfield and all engines and rotors must be stopped to ensure safety. Aircraft in the air should remain clear of the airport to ensure safety to skydivers. Typically, LIVE status will run for a total of 5 minutes until all jumpers have landed.

Distress and urgency traffic will continue to have priority no matter the parachuting status of the airfield. Distress and urgency messages should be relayed as usual to Fife Radio.

If you have any questions about the parachuting procedures, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them.