Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I store my aircraft at Fife?

Yes. We offer both outside parking for short stays and hangar space for short stays or long-term leases. Please visit our hangarage page for full details.

Where can I find the airfield information for flying in?

Before flying into Fife we request all pilots familiarise themselves with the airfield-specific information and procedures. A printable airfield chart can be found here. We also have detailed circuit diagrams and procedures on our Air/Ground Service page.

How does parachuting affect flying?

If you familiarise yourself with the specific parachuting procedures, it should not affect your flight. Our Air/Ground operators and parachuting pilots will always attempt to facilitate arrivals or departures right up until just before the jump. Departing, the Air/Ground Operator will advise pilots of the next estimated drop time. It is always very simple, and usually only means an arrival or start-up delay of approximately 4 minutes.

Are spotters/visitors allowed at the airfield?

Unfortunately Fife does not allow unescorted visitors on the airfield, especially in the hangar areas for purposes of security and the privacy of aircraft owners. There are many vantage points around the car park and an outside viewing area for photography. If you wish an escorted tour of the airport please ask a member of operations staff, but please don’t be too disappointed if we say no due to operational reasons.

Are there any jobs at Fife?

We are regularly looking for staff to join our team, especially in the restaurant part of our business. For current enquiries, please contact Julia Grant either by telephone on 01592 610436 or using our contact form.

Where can I find fuel and landing charges?

As we constantly attempt to benefit our customers, our prices are reviewed and therefore change regularly. For current pricing please contact us.

Can I base my business at Fife?

Fife Airport is always happy to hear from aviation operators wishing to base themselves at the airport. We also have industrial space available for businesses looking for storage. Please visit our business pages for more information.

How can I file a noise complaint?

If you have been disturbed by noise and believe it originated at Fife, and wish to log a noise complaint, please use our contact form.